Brazilian Jiujitsu in Galveston

Our martial Arts Programs include Brazilian JiuJitsu for adults and kids, Judo,  and Kickboxing

Brazilian JiuJitsu

Bjj is Undercurrent's Core Martial Art. Headed by Joe Waldrop a 4 Stripe Brownbelt under 3rd degree Blackbelt Jeff Messina.  BJJ is an overall self defense martial art with an emphasis on grappling.


Great for self defense or fitness. Our Kickboxing program will accomodate all levels of fitness

Kids JiuJitsu

Our kids classes start at the age of 5. Our kids program is designed to give your child the techniques and confidence they need to defend themselves. Whether is from bullying, a school altercation, or something out of their control, we will give them the tools they need to protect themselves