Head Coach: Joe Waldrop

Meet Head Coach Joe Waldrop. A father, an entrepreneur, and the owner of Crossfit Undercurrent. Joe is a Georgia Native who has deep roots in Galveston, Texas and simply loves coaching. Joe works hard for every single member and truly puts his heart and soul in the gym. Joe is widely known in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community as a very talented Brown belt under the Gracie lineage. He is an active competitor in both BJJ and Crossfit.

When Joe is not at the gym, he, like most fathers, enjoys spending time with his family and being active in the community. Joe also owns a local HVAC business serving clients from the Gulf Coast all the way up to central Houston. 


• CFL1 (Crossfit Level 1) Trainer
• 4 Stripe Brown Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
• 315 Lb One Hand Deadlift

Jennifer Waldrop

Meet Assistant Coach, Jennifer Waldrop. Jennifer started her fitness journey during childhood with an athletic upbringing. She competed and excelled in competitive Track, Volleyball, Basketball, and Swimming. After high school, Jennifer attended college at Texas A&M Galveston where she received her Bachelors degree in Marine Biology. Shortly after graduation, she worked as a scientific diver for NOAA Fisheries doing research in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Jennifer's strong athletic drive, and desire to lead a life of fitness has helped guide her through life's challenges. To Jennifer, "CrossFit has been a life changing experience for my fitness and strength but also my self esteem and sense of community.". She is the wife of Head Coach, Joe Waldrop and is a mother to their two children.

•CFL1 (Crossfit Level 1) Trainer
•1st Place Finish Winter Competition - Burleson Texas



Meet Instructor, Keegan Smith. Keegan is a Texas native and has a strong athletic drive. He is an active crossfit competitor and currently holds impressive numbers in all olympic lifts @ 185lbs. Keegan is a student of Universty of Houston Clear Lake and currently has an Associates in Applied Science, working towards his Bachelors of Health and Human Performance. He is also a coach for a local baseball team that ranked first in points for USSSA. He was also the strength and conditioning coordinator for a local private highschool athletics department, O'Connel, for Summer of '15.

Keegan's formal knowledge of the body's mechanical breakdown and natural movements, coupled with his own personal fitness level make him a great instructor. He is able to finely assess everyone's needs and help members with their weaknesses. Keegan is also a competitor in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, placing in several local tournaments.